Careers at Weight Management Centre

Weight Management Practitioners & Tutors

If you have the enthusiasm and dedication to work in this rapidly evolving profession and want to become one of the UK’s top Weight Management Practitioners and Tutors, then we would like to hear from you.

We provide full training and our in house training division Discovery Learning will provide you with the very best in related skills and qualifications, including our exclusive Childhood obesity training and the Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Management Certificate qualifying you at REP’s level 4.

If you would like to register an interest in working for the UK’s most dynamic weight and obesity management organisation send your CV with covering letter to We will add you to our recruitment database and notify you of any career opportunities.

Freelance positions

We are regularly recruiting for freelance Weight Management Practitioners and these positions are usually filled locally where our programmes are running. For more information please email

Developing your Career in Weight Management

Our Level 3 and Level 4 Weight Management and Obesity training courses are designed for those wishing to work in the arena of weight and obesity management. These courses offer a route to employment in the many new careers emerging to tackle the obesity epidemic in the UK.

The Level 4 Obesity Management Certificate has been developed specifically to provide multidisciplinary practitioners with a high level obesity management qualification. This course has been developed as a direct result of the request from the Governments’ Sector Skills Council for Physical Activity and Leisure SkillsActive and it is independently accredited by them.

Obesity rates in the UK are rising at alarming rates and it is a key Government target to reduce current levels of obesity and prevent future increases. It is now widely recognised that obesity is a social, behavioural and environmental phenomenon and the new approach to obesity management is a community rather than medical focus. There are many new jobs and careers now emerging to cater for the 34 million (and growing) overweight and obese children and adults estimated to live in the UK presently. These include Health Trainers (NHS) and a broad range of Community Wellness teams.

For this reason this course would be appropriate for people from numerous backgrounds or those wishing to take their career in a particular direction.

The course is appropriate for those working in or wishing to work as:
  • Independent or Employed Weight Management Practitioner
  • Life coaches and behavioural change practitioners
  • Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists & Rehabilitation Teams
  • Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers
  • Exercise Referral and Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation Personnel
  • Health Trainers and Community Wellness Teams
  • Weight Management Programme Managers and Strategy Development Managers
  • Obesity Leads, Dieticians, Nutritionists, Healthy Eating Teams, specialist nurses practicing in obesity

The qualification must meet the criteria of QCF 4 defined as; “Level 4 qualifications recognise specialist learning and involve detailed analysis of a high level of information and knowledge in an area of work of study. Learning at this level is appropriate for people working in technical and professional jobs, and/or managing and developing others. Level 4 qualifications are at a level equivalent to Certificates of Higher Education.”